Friday, March 21, 2014

On Waiting for Good News

Have you been there? Making beds, washing clothes, fixing dinner, budgeting, crying, studying, enjoying a cup of tea and a sunrise; all while waiting for, and praying for, good news.

Our little house has been waiting for weeks to hear back from a "Choice Enrollment" school about the possibility of our Little Man getting to attend Kindergarten there.

My Soul Sister friend has been waiting for several months for a great job to open up for her husband who was laid off last October.

My Closest and Dearest friend waits in heartache to see what direction her marriage is headed in.

We wait. We wonder. And wander. We go through all the "ifs". And life continues in the waiting. Floors still need swept. There are still hugs to give and receive, still bills to pay, and still gifts to discover.

We got word Tuesday that there is an opening at that school; our son is officially "in". Good news. Soul Sister shared that her husband is in the top 3 for that amazing position. Good news. And my Closest and Dearest...still waiting.

Not every question is answered with what we define as good news. Not every pondering and stirring in our hearts is met with the good news we had hoped for. And sometimes answers leave us heavy with more questions. When the questions and waiting bury me whole, this is the gift I lean on - the Good News is really Great News, and He wants to share that news with you; the news that no matter what the answer may be in the waiting, you are loved by Him.

Whatever you may be waiting on today or tomorrow or two months from now, breath deep the Good News that He holds you in the waiting.

"All the while, You hear each spoken need
Yet love us way too much to give us lesser things..."
Blessings - Laura Story

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