Wednesday, April 23, 2014


No matter how much you clean or remodel or move or rebuild, 
hospitality will always be more a matter of the heart than the architecture. 
Your guests will only feel as comfortable in your house as you feel in your own skin. There's no shame in paper plates if they're heaped high with 
delight in each others' company. 
~Ann Voskamp

Today this meant kids in swimsuits and muddy-feet. It meant water guns and a friend changing my Little Lady no less than 3 times because she's a fish. It meant mac&cheese and oranges and chatting about wonderful God-inspired writers and how exciting it is to see that in the nutrition section of bookstores. It meant talking about the nitty-gritty bits of life and owning up to some of our hurts and heartaches and struggles. It meant smiles and laughter and honesty. It meant not worrying that there were raisins all over the floor or that Little Lady had a bit of a messy room or that weeds hadn't been plucked yet. And it meant delight. True delight.

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Katie Wedel said...

It was a great day for all! We had so much fun and I love being able to connect with you even with interruptions from all the sweet kiddos! We shall do it again very soon ~ you are so sweet my friend!!