Purpose & Me

After reading many posts from a favorite author, Ann Voskamp, I felt led to begin documenting the gifts that have been given to me by my Creator and Redeemer. I want to take in this life; right here, right now. This requires being intentional in looking at the daily-ness of life from a new vantage point - a vantage point of thankfulness. Some days are easy-peasy and the gifts are quick to spot. Other days are hard. Some really hard. But there are always gifts, and I'm taking the time to look.

I'm a Momma of 2 inspiring, imaginative, and super adorable kiddos and I'm married to an incredible man who has seen the lightest and darkest of me and loves me steady and true. Saying that I am blessed by my family is certainly an understatement.

I'm educated, but not as a writer. Writing in this space is simply a matter of sharing my heart & my story. Will you join me on a journey of savoring this life?



Pat Conley said...

Great to see you writing, Michelle! I will read every post.


Amanda Wootton said...

What a nice surprise to read! Much love and prayers I am sending your way and I hope that one day I can help you as you have helped me. You awesome and so strong and I admire your conviction! Blessings and Thanks to you!

Mandy Wootton