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Purpose & Me

After reading many posts from a favorite author, Ann Voskamp, I felt led to begin documenting the gifts that have been given to me by my Creator and Redeemer. I want to take in this life; right here, right now. This requires being intentional in looking at the daily-ness of life from a new vantage point - a vantage point of thankfulness. Some days are easy-peasy and the gifts are quick to spot. Other days are hard. Some really hard. But there are always gifts, and I'm taking the time to look.

I'm a Momma of 2 inspiring, imaginative, and super adorable kiddos and I'm married to an incredible man who has seen the lightest and darkest of me and loves me steady and true. Saying that I am blessed by my family is certainly an understatement.

I'm educated, but not as a writer. Writing in this space is simply a matter of sharing my heart & my story. Will you join me on a journey of savoring this life?



Pat Conley said…
Great to see you writing, Michelle! I will read every post.

Amanda Wootton said…
What a nice surprise to read! Much love and prayers I am sending your way and I hope that one day I can help you as you have helped me. You awesome and so strong and I admire your conviction! Blessings and Thanks to you!

Mandy Wootton

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Sometime last week I stumbled across this article: Moms, Put on That Swimsuit by Jessica N. Turner. Please read it. I honestly want to just copy and paste the entirety of the thing right here, but instead I'll trust that you'll read it and just put out here the two lines that hit me hard...

"Your swimsuit does not define you." "I want them to remember that their mom was there, with them." As much as I hate, hate, hate to say it, I am That Mom. The Mom who doesn't want to put on the dreaded swimsuit simply because my own insecurities start screaming wild and loud the minute I go to open the drawer where the dreaded swimsuit lives. I am That Mom. The Mom who fears what thoughts might be harbored in a strangers head about my weight or size. I am That Mom. The one who, way more often than not, lets Daddy be the one who swims with the kids. I'll cheer them on, sure! And stare at them a million times when they yell "Watch me!", but get in wit…

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My Closest and Dearest friend waits in heartache to see what direction her marriage is headed in.

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No matter how much you clean or remodel or move or rebuild,  hospitality will always be more a matter of the heart than the architecture.  Your guests will only feel as comfortable in your house as you feel in your own skin. There's no shame in paper plates if they're heaped high with  delight in each others' company.  ~Ann Voskamp

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